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Museum of the Revolution, Jablanica, from Makeshift series.

According to sources, 800 Croats reportedly were, and may still be, interned in this Muslim-run detention centre. All the prisoners slept on concrete floors, without blankets, were insufficiently clothed and were reportedly kept in appalling hygienic conditions.

One report was offered by an employee of the power plant in Grabavica who was detained in the area for several days. The witness was transported to this location in the afternoon of 11 May 1993. The witness was interrogated and reportedly not physically mistreated. By 9:00 p.m. that evening, he was allowed to leave. Reportedly, because he was unable to return to his home, he remained overnight in the prison. Throughout the night, he heard others being beaten. It was his opinion that the individuals being beaten were members of the HVO. He recalled that the people administering the beatings were from Sandzak. There is strong evidence of a food shortage in the area which brings into question the fate of those detained. There are also reports of the detainees being used as human shields and forced labour. (from Annex VIII: Camps)

First exhibition of Makeshift, Pamięć wody in Miejsce przy Miejscu gallery, ended today. Once again I would like to thank everybody involved, especially Łukasz Rusznica, the great curator who made it possible, and to everybody who visited. There are some interviews & a review of the exhibition, all in Polish.

For now on, I’m back to fieldwork with another part of the project done in last weeks. I hope to reveal some other plans concerning the exhibitions of Makeshift in the nearest future.

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La prigione centrale di Vladimir è considerata una delle prigioni russe più dure. Costruita nel XVIII secolo, come carcere di transito per i detenuti inviati in Siberia, iniziò a specializzarsi in prigionieri politici nel XX secolo. Oggigiorno detiene criminali particolarmente pericolosi. Una cella può ospitare dalle due alle dodici persone. Il prigioniero più giovane ha 18 anni, il più vecchio 70. La permanenza media nel carcere va dai cinque ai dieci anni.

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